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One purpose of the program is to refine our integrative Core Assessment Instrument to improve documentation mechanisms for math and global-learning outcomes.

Integrated Core Learning Outcomes (ICLO) Assessment Instrument
This instrument measures Marquette's six institutional learning outcomes.  It asks all first-semester seniors (approximtely 1500) annually to evaluate quantitative and qualitative evidence regarding a reading on a global issue, answer a series of multiple choice questions, and produce one of three randomly assigned communications tasks--two involving prose literacy, and one involving computational and graphing literacy.
The ICLO instrument is a direct measure and was piloted in spring 2008 with 64 students.  Full implementation will occur in fall 2008.

Core Curriculum Review Committee (CCRC)
Members of the CCRC and the "Who Counts?" Advisory Comittee review data from the ICLO Instrument.  The CCRC and the Core Director (the "Who Counts?" program director) are responsible for making recommendations for program changes to improve student learning.
The CCRC also receives the results of indirect measures.

Indirect Measures
Senior Survey.  Includes a question on quantitative reasoning confidence.  Marquette's Office of Research Compliance will provide results in late summer 2008. 
Math Confidence Surveys.  Will be administered to students in "Who Counts?" courses in AY08-09.
Focus Groups/Surveys.  "Who Counts?" faculty will attend focus groups/workshops and assess appropriateness of math assignment integration and courses outcomes.  Our External Evaluator administers and collates this data.

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Who Counts?: Math Across the Curriculum for Global Learning