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Pathways to a Life that Counts
is the title of our Global Missions guidebook!

The book contains four sections or themes.  Each section includes a major reading plus short essays on Our Challenge, Our Compass, a Faculty Reflection, a Student Reflection, and a list of potential activities.  A mathematical reasoning assignment related to the reading is included.  The Travel Log allows students to document their activities relating to the individual themes.

The four themes of the book are:
Governance and Inclusion
Peace and Justice
Solidarity with Others
Stewardship of the Human and Natural Environments

Readings for each theme are:
"Democracy as a Universal Value"
     by Amartya Sen
"Where Oil and Water Do Mix:  Environmental Scarcity and Future Conflict in the Middle East and North Africa"
     by Jason J. Morrissette and Douglas A. Borer
"Higher Standards for Higher Education:  The Christian University and Solidarity"
     by Dean Brackley, S.J.
"Address to the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs"
     by Wangari Maathai


Contact us to review the book and discover how you can incorporate it in your classroom.

Who Counts?: Math Across the Curriculum for Global Learning