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Global Missions Student Contest

Submissions for the first annual Global Missions Student Contest are due no later than Wednesday, April 1st, 2010.  Marquette undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply.  Students may submit their work individually or in teams.  The format should suit the project but may be in the form of research papers, posters, PowerPoint presentations, essays, or videos.  Contact Susan Kuehl with questions on format.  Winning submissions will be presented to "Who Counts?" faculty and associated Community Partners.

(T) Alumni Memorial Union (AMU)
Room xxx
1442 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee WI  53233

To submit, contact
Susan Kuehl
707 Bldg, Room 322
(414) 288-4809

Student projects should show integration of math/statistics/numerical evidence with Ethics, History, Rhetoric, Theology, Literature, Science, Economics, Political Science, Engineering, Health Sciences, Communications, Business, or any other relevant discipline.  Projects should examine an idea with global and/or social justice implications.
Students in "Who Counts?" courses for AY09-10 are highly encouraged to submit projects from those courses.

       Four student projects will be awarded $500 each! 

Who Counts?: Math Across the Curriculum for Global Learning