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The original syllabi (prior to Who Counts adaptation) are provided below.

Course syllabi PRIOR to course redesign (AY2007-2008) are below:

Download ECON 20 - Lephardt

Download EDUC 008 - Scanlan

Download EDUC 148 - Scanlan

Download EDUC 008 - Eckman

Download EDUC 148 - Chubbuck

Download ENGL 104 - Nowacek

Download HIST 197 - Meissner

Download MANA 123 - Adya

Download ORLE 135 - Coan

Download PHYS 007 - Joseph

Download PSYC 112 - Oswald

Download PHTH 575 - Aubert

Download SPAN 171 - Meyler

Please call or e-mail us with questions on the various programs.

Who Counts?: Math Across the Curriculum for Global Learning