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There are four program goals that span the three-year grant period.  Within each goal is a list of objectives and corresponding milestones.  We use these goals to track our progress which is forwarded to FIPSE in an annual report.  The first report was submitted in June 2008 and is included below.

The grant proposal includes program goals, objectives, and measures.

Download Goals, Objectives and Measures

June 2008 annual report to FIPSE.

Download main report

Download App 1 - ADCOMM members

Download App 2 - Two WC assignments

Download App 3 - WC Call for Proposals

Download App 4 - WC Contracts

Download App 5 - Results of Survey

Download App 7 - Grant recipients, depts, courses

Download App 8 - Data collection and analysis

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Who Counts?: Math Across the Curriculum for Global Learning